The 2010 Milner Lecture

Logic and Computational Complexity: A Personal Perspective

Professor Stephen A. Cook

University of Toronto

5pm on Friday 9 July 2010
Lecture Theatre 5
Appleton Tower
Crichton Street, Edinburgh

and afterwards in the Forum Atrium, 10 Crichton Street, for a reception.

Are we the same or are we different? Prove it!

Abstract: I discuss my encounters with mechanical theorem proving, NP-completeness, propositional proof systems, and formal theories capturing complexity classes.

Bio: Stephen Cook is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Toronto. He has made several seminal contributions to logic and computational complexity. He formalized the notion of NP-completeness in a 1971 paper, and received the Turing award in 1982 for his work on computational complexity. His conjecture that P is not equal to NP remains open and is among the seven famous Clay Millennium Prize problems.