Fifth Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Types - ABSTRACTS

Editor: D. Sannella

Abstract: The Fifth Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Types took place 1-4 September 1987 in the small town of Gullane, about 20 miles from Edinburgh. This series of workshops, including meetings in Sorpesee (1981), Passau (1983), Bremen (1984) and Warberg (1986), has become the chief international series of meetings devoted to this topic. Participants came from East and West Germany, Poland, Italy, the US., Spain, Portugal, France, the U.K., Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Successors in Berlin (1988) and Dresden (1990) are already planned.

The algebraic specification of abstract data types has been a flourishing research topic in computer science since 1974. The main goal of work in this area is to evolve a methodology which would support the design and formal development of reliable software. The particular approach taken builds upon concepts from universal algebra and category theory.

The general feeling was that the workshop was extremely successful and that a number of very interesting new results and ideas were presented. This report contains abstracts of all the talks, most of which discussed very recent and as yet unpublished work.

LFCS report ECS-LFCS-87-41

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