The Synthesis of Control Signals for One-Dimensional Systolic Arrays

Jingling Xue and Christian Lengauer

Abstract: We apply a previously reported synthesis method of control signals for systolic arrays [19]. In [19], a systolic array is described by an index transformation expressed as a non-singular square integer matrix, which happens to be a bijection from Q^{n} to Q^{n}. The method expects uniform recurrence equations (source UREs) and returns a specification of control signals in terms of another set of UREs (control UREs); n is the number of indices in the source UREs. We apply this method to the special case of one-dimensional systolic arrays; they are described by index transformations from Q^{n} to Q^{2}. This requires a modification of the part of the method that depends on the bijectivity of the space-time mapping.

LFCS report ECS-LFCS-91-156

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