A Distributed Concurrent Implementation of Standard ML

David Matthews

Abstract: Standard ML is a functional programming language used extensively in universities and increasingly in industry. This paper discusses a concurrency mechanism which has been implemented in the Poly/ML implementation of Standard ML and has been used on uniprocessors and shared memory multiprocessors. It is now being implemented on a distributed network of Unix workstations. Each of these implementations is described.

The aim of this work is to produce a distributed system that will allow large ML programs to be run on a network of processors. Although eventually such a network might be a closely-coupled network of transputers, the initial design is intended for the sort of system that many organisations have, namely personal workstations on a local network. Making use of these out of office hours will provide a substantial improvement in the computing power available.

LFCS report ECS-LFCS-91-174, 1991.

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