LEMMA Interface Definition

David C.J. Matthews and Thierry Le Sergent

Abstract: Implementing a functional language on a parallel machine, especially on a loosely coupled machine such as a network of workstations, is a hard task. Most of the problems are, however, language independent particularly the memory management. For this purpose, we have designed and implemented LEMMA, a ``memory platform'' which allows the upper layer of the distributed implementation to access in a straightforward manner objects allocated by another machine, and reclaims automatically allocated space which is no longer used by any machine.

This report is a detailed description of the interface provided by LEMMA. It is in fact a reference manual for people who wish to implement a run-time system for a language on top of it. It does not describe the way LEMMA is implemented, leaving open the possibility of other implementations on different concurrency platforms providing the same interface.

LFCS report ECS-LFCS-95-316, January 1995.

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