Machine Assisted Proofs for Generic Semantics to Compiler Transformation Correctness Theorems

Saif Ullah Kahn


This thesis investigates the issues involved in the creation of a ``general theory of operational semantics'' in LEGO, a type-theoretic theorem proving environment implementing a constructionist logic. Such a general theory permits the ability to manipulate and reason about operational semantics both individually and as a class. The motivation for this lies in the studies of semantics directed compiler generation in which a set of generic semantics transforming functions can help convert arbitrary semantic definitions to abstract machines. Such transformations require correctness theorems that quantify over the class of operational semantics. In implementation terms this indicates the need to ensure both the class of operational semantics and the means of inferring results thereon remain at the theorem prover level. The endeavour of this thesis can be seen as assessing both the requirements that general theories of semantics impose on proof assistants and the efficacy of proof assistants in modelling such theories.


This is a 164-page M.Phil thesis.

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