LFCS reports by Author: S

Sangiorgi, Davide

Sannella, Donald T

Schettina, _
  • Classes of Systolic Y-Tree Automata and a Comparison with Systolic trellis Automata
    Sangiorgi, Fachini and Schettina
    LFCS report ECS-LFCS-91-166

Schoett, Oliver

Scott, Philip J

Sequeira, Dilip

Le Sergent, Thierry

Sewell, Peter Michael

da Silva, Fabio Q B

Simpson, Alex K

Sinclair, Alistair

Sokolowski, Stefan
  • Toward formal development of programs from algebraic specifications: parameterisation revisited
    Donald Sannella, Stefan Sokolowski and Andrzej Tarlecki
    LFCS report ECS-LFCS-92-222

Sorkin, Gregory B

Steckler, Paul

Steffen, Bernhard

Steffen, Martin

Stirling, Colin P

Stríbrná, Jitka

Stroup, Terry

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