Modularizing the Specification of a Small Database System in Extended ML

E. Kazmierczak

Abstract: A case study in the modular specification and refinement of a small database system is presented in Extended ML. Two similar requirements specifications are given and a program development step from each of these is presented. The structure resulting from the first program development step is similar to that given in (Fitzgerald and Jones 90) and is presented as an answer to the challenge problem given in that paper while the second development step is presented as a possible alternative which is more suited to the Extended ML style of program development. In the context of these two development steps the module facilities of Extended ML, their role in specification and program development and their ability to meet the challenge of (Fitzgerald and Jones 90) are examined.

Cite: John S. Fitzgerald and Cliff B. Jones. ``Modularising the Formal Description of a Database System'', Technical Report UMCS-90-1-1, University of Manchester, January 1990.

LFCS report ECS-LFCS-91-177

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