Fourth Annual IEEE Symposium on

Logic in Computer Science (LICS 1989)

Paper: A probabilistic powerdomain of evaluations (at LICS 1989)

Authors: Jones, C. Plotkin, G.D.


A probabilistic power domain construction is given for the category of inductively complete partial orders. It is the partial order of continuous [0,1]-valued evaluations on the Scott topology. By means of a theory of integration with respect to such evaluations, the powerdomain is shown to be a monad, and a model for the Moggi computational lambda calculus is obtained. It is also possible to solve recursive domain equations involving the powerdomain, and all this gives a metalanguage for programming languages with probabilistic features. This is used to give the semantics of a language with a probabilistic parallel construct. it is shown that the construction generalizes previous work on partial orders of measures


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