Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on

Logic in Computer Science (LICS 1991)

Paper: Specifying and proving serializability in temporal logic (at LICS 1991)

Authors: Doron Peled Shmuel Katz Amir Pnueli


Serializability of database transactions is first defined within the framework of linear temporal logic. For commutativity-based serializability, an alternative specification is given in a temporal logic whose semantic interpretation is especially tailored for reasoning about equivalence sequences of histories. The alternative specification method is given in ISTL* and is limited to the specification of concurrency control algorithms based on commutativity. A formal verification system for serializability that uses classical logic reasoning is provided. Within it, proving serializability of transactions executing a concurrency control algorithm is done along the same lines as proving properties of concurrent programs. Serializability for the multiversion-timestamp algorithm is verified


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