Seventh Annual IEEE Symposium on

Logic in Computer Science (LICS 1992)

Paper: Fixpoint logic vs. infinitary logic in finite-model theory (at LICS 1992)

Authors: Kolaitis, P.G. Vardi, M.Y.


The relationship between fixpoint logic and the infinitary logic L∞ωω with a finite number of variables is studied. It is observed that the equivalence of two finite structures with respect to L∞ωω is expressible in fixpoint logic. As a first application of this, a normal-form theorem for L∞ωω on finite structures is obtained. The relative expressive power of first-order logic, fixpoint logic, and L∞ωω on arbitrary classes of finite structures is examined. A characterization of when L∞ωω collapses to first-order logic on an arbitrary class of finite structures is given


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