Ninth Annual IEEE Symposium on

Logic in Computer Science (LICS 1994)

Paper: The power of reflective relational machines (at LICS 1994)

Authors: Serge Abiteboul Christos Papadimitrou Victor Vianu


A model of database programming with reflection, called reflective relational machine, is introduced and studied. The reflection consists here of dynamic generation of queries in a host programming language. The main results characterize the power of the machine in terms of known complexity classes. In particular, the polynomial-time restriction of the machine is shown to express PSPACE, and to correspond precisely to uniform circuits of polynomial depth and exponential size. This provides an alternative, logic-based formulation of the uniform circuit model, more convenient for problems naturally formulated in logic terms. Since time in the polynomially-bounded machine coincides with time in the uniform circuit model, this also shows that reflection allows for more “intense” parallelism, which is not attainable otherwise (unless P=PSPACE). Other results concern the power of the reflective relational machine subject to restrictions on the number of variables used


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