Seventeenth Annual IEEE Symposium on

Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2002)

Paper: Separability, expressiveness, and decidability in the Ambient Logic (at LICS 2002)

Authors: Daniel Hirschkoff Etienne Lozes Davide Sangiorgi


The Ambient Logic (AL) has been proposed for expressing properties of process mobility in the calculus of Mobile Ambients (MA), and as a basis for query languages on semistructured data. We study some basic questions concerning the descriptive and discriminating power of AL, focusing on the equivalence on processes induced by the logic (=L). We consider MA, and two Turing complete subsets of it, MA1 and MA2, respectively defined by imposing a semantic and a syntactic constraint on process prefixes. The main contributions include: coinductive and inductive operational characterisations of =L; an axiomatisation of =L on MA2; the construction of characteristic formulas for the processes in MA1 with respect to =L; the decidability of =L on MA1 and on MA2, and its undecidability on MA.


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