The C-LEMMA Memory Interface on the Cray T3D

Christopher D. Walton and Bruce J. McAdam


The challenges associated with the implementation of a concurrent programming language on a parallel machine are often independent of the language itself, such as memory-management. This report is a detailed description of a language-independent memory-platform for the Cray T3D supercomputer, called the C-LEMMA interface. The interface is closely based on the definition of the LEMMA interface used in the DP/ML (Distributed Poly/ML) compiler. However, the actual implementation is quite different, due to some severe limitations imposed by the Cray architecture. The memory-platform provides a distributed shared virtual memory (i.e. a single shared virtual address space distributed across processors) with global garbage-collection.

This report is a detailed description of the implementation of the C-LEMMA interface. It is also intended as a reference manual for those who wish to implement the run-time system of a concurrent programming language using the interface.


This report is available in the following formats:

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