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Edinburgh Team [rtn games]


You are at the Edinburgh node of the research training network »Games and Automata for Synthesis and Verification« [GAMES]. This is a four year project (2002-2006) funded by the European Comission under the Fifth Framework Programme.

The Edinburgh team coordinates the network research on Task 7: »Logics, games, and efficient query evaluation « and is involved in most of the other research tasks.

Associated Researchers

:  Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh
Julian Bradfield, site leader
Kousha Etessami,
Colin Stirling,
Perdita Stevens,
Sibylle Froeschle,
Juliana Kuester-Filipe,
Jan Obdrzalek,
Jennifer Tenzer
:  Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University
Anuj Dawar
:  BRICS, Aarhus University
Mogens Nielsen