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About the .NET lab

The Edinburgh .NET lab aims to stimulate research projects in Informatics where .NET is a relevant technology. Microsoft have funded ten Windows XP machines, fully equipped with the .NET development environment and supporting software tools. All Informatics staff and PhD students are welcome to use the lab, as are MSc or undergraduate students with a research interest in working with .NET.

The .NET Framework comprises a range of technologies supporting mobile code and web services. In particular the .NET virtual machine serves as a portable target platform for a range of programming languages, including C#, C++, Standard ML and Visual Basic. For more information, see the technical .NET overview from the Microsoft Developers Network.

Using the lab

To register for an account on the .NET machines, contact Archie Howitt. You should also check intellectual property issues, read about getting funding and software from Microsoft and sign up on the dotnetlab mailing list.

The .NET machines are presently in the project lab on the ground floor of the James Clerk Maxwell Building, on the King's Buildings' site. To find the lab, go to the Informatics Teaching Office and then continue to the far end of the 15 corridor. (Previously the machines were in JCMB 1501; this is now a terminal room for Informatics students)

.NET projects at Edinburgh

The following are some current and past activities related to the .NET platform. The projects page has further details.

All students interested in working with .NET for their final-year or MSc project are welcome to make use of the laboratory. Check the lists for undergraduate and MSc projects, or propose your own.


Ian Stark JCMB 2506
Archie Howitt JCMB 1508

Other staff members involved with the .NET lab include David Aspinall, Kousha Etessami, Stephen Gilmore, Jane Hillston, Don Sannella, Perdita Stevens, and Chris Walton.