Laboratory for Foundations
of Computer Science
.NET lab


The list below details software installed on the .NET lab machines. If you have difficulties with any of these, or there is something else you need to use, please contact Archie Howitt.

The machines all have an identical configuration, cloned from a binary image held on the server monet. To add new software, Archie installs it on a clean machine, copies a new image, and then clones that to all other machines. This makes things simple, if not very flexible; but that's Windows. (Advertisement: for more adaptable distributed configuration, see LCFG and related research at Edinburgh.)

Microsoft software

Windows XP Professional
Operating system. The server machine monet runs Windows 2000 Server.
Office XP
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Front Page.
Visual Studio .NET
Language-neutral integrated development environment.
Software development kit supporting the .NET framework.

Additional .NET programming languages

Prolog implementation for .NET, translating to C#.
Standard ML compiler that targets the .NET common language runtime.

General utilities

Unix toolset for Windows; includes bash and all standard command-line tools.
Text editor.
Acrobat reader
Adobe's PDF file viewer
Postscript file viewer
Virtual Network Computing, remote access between Windows and Unix desktops.
Hummingbird Exceed
X Windows server, allows Unix graphical applications to display on Windows machines.